Christian Teen Advice – GUYS AND DATING – Chelsea Crockett

July 13, 2016 - Comment

In this video I share my experience with dating. My past has been filled with mistakes when it comes to boys, but I'm thankful that I've learned from them! I hope you take this guy advice to heart and strive to better yourself before you get into a relationship. Never settle for less! Subscribe so

In this video I share my experience with dating. My past has been filled with mistakes when it comes to boys, but I'm thankful that I've learned from them! I hope you take this guy advice to heart and strive to better yourself before you get into a relationship. Never settle for less!
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Ava.Grace.07 Ava.Grace.07 says:

boys are great. especially your brother 😂😁

Ava.Grace.07 Ava.Grace.07 says:

+clarissa garcia 😂

Alexandra Casteño says:

+clarissa garcia true 😂😂

Madison ♡ says:

v true. v true 😂😍

Dana Petrie says:

Yea ur bro is so cute!! And ur video was very inspiring, u r so pretty and
i wanna be just like you someday♥️

MEVideosmaker says:


Heather Lee says:

I’m so glad you’re the age that you are and you realize that you need to be
listening to what God’s telling you to do. So many regretful mistakes can
be made at your age and I’m glad you’ve got a good head on your shoulders.
Thank you for being an awesome example for young girls, Chels.

ShayCreativity says:

+Heather Frantz <33 I agree. Thank you Chels! We need to keep sharing the
word of God because there's not many who will!

StaceyLee DIYs says:

+ShayCreativity Very true!

thatcountrygirlMacy says:

God i the leader in my life and i am am so glad she has realized that for
her as well

Izzy Cole says:

I am a Christian and this was really helpful!! You go girl!!💕✝

Daniela Plaza says:

+Izzy Cole samee!!

Zoe O Connor says:

+Lzzy Cole same I’m a Christian ☺️❤️

CelandRose says:

I’m a Christian as well and i disagree with a lot of things she said😁

Bree 13 says:

I am Christian to ❤️✝

Xx.Mercedes.xX says:

+CelandRose Just Wondering WhatShe said that you didn’t Like. From a
Christians Point Also 😊😊. I Also Agreed and Disagreed with Her.

Chelsea Crockett says:

How about a thumbs Up!

Léane Beauregard says:

+Taylor Reese sorry if my English is not relly good, I’m a french (Canadian)

Jj13 says:

+Léane Beauregard that’s so true.

Ripley Wizardry says:

I gave u a thumbs up

Hailey Carter says:

Chels you make me cry I love you

Annabeth Chase says:

YAAAAASSSSSS CHELSEA YAAAAASSSSSS!!! I gave you a thumbs up before you told
me to ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

PixiehollowNora says:

– sees video title – YASSSSSSS

Camsthatclark says:

That is the summary of my YouTube browsing

Naasir Void says:

#ForeverSingle 😂

Kelly lauren says:

Lets date

Mala Maca says:

Same same😂

TheTripleThreaters says:

and Chels I’m Christian too and I’m a 10 yr old girl so thank you for being
an amazing role model💖

Stefanie Mendoza says:

+TheTripleThreaters same

Maggie Watts says:

I love how outspoken you are about your faith! As a Christian, I can relate
to a lot of this. I think it may be a blessing from God that you uploaded
this video when you did, because I’ve been struggling with a lot of those
problems lately too, and it’s nice to hear advice and know I’m not
alone……God bless you!☺️

Brittany Marie says:

Couldn’t have put it better myself

Faith Rowe says:

+Maggie Watts same same same!

Nadine Hert says:

+Maggie Watts remember, you`re never alone! God is always there, waiting
for you to trust him…

Maggie Watts says:

+Nadine Hert I just saw this comment in the middle of school, and it sure
did make my day! And yes, He has been there for me through so much
lately…He’s always trying to give me signs of encouragement. Even at my
lowest, He brings me back. He’s just so awesome.

lulu bliss says:


Jodie Clarice says:

i don’t agree with some of the things you said, we shouldn’t like people
for who they believe in but to each his own I guess

Anya Carlson says:

+Gabbi S Well it can cause conflict between the couple… That’s just my
opinion and whatvI believe in though😊

Gabbi S says:

+Anya Carlson haha you sound like my friend’s Columbian grandmother who
won’t let her date a Mexican boy because “they’re just too different”

Anya Carlson says:

+Gabbi S Well that’s different, race shouldn’t keep a barrier between

Gabbi S says:

+Anya Carlson Then why should what type of church you go to keep people

Anya Carlson says:

+Gabbi S Non – Denominational

Carissa Marie says:

Wow, I really needed to hear this today

Angelica Violette says:

Same.. This whole thing was much needed

Kylie dittmann says:

Same, I felt that it opened my eyes a bit because I’ve been going through
something similar to that

Emmalee Campbell says:


Riley Blanton says:


Anna Elizabeth says:

LOVE THIS CHELS❤️ your videos are so inspiring!

Anna Elizabeth says:

You inspire my channel so much💗

Riley Blanton says:


HonestlyOzi says:

*whispers* beautilicious insiderrr

Kakeline Music says:


Katie Pie says:

Omg I miss when she used that intro

Kylee Russum says:

Thank you for this video. I love how you ‘re opening up about your faith.
I’m Christian and I completely understand about wanting to date someone
with the same morals and lifestyle.

lovelylaurel:) says:

Me too 😄

Nadine Hert says:

+Kylee Russum Me too 🙂

glitzy taytay says:

Me too

hannah heid says:


Nancy Gatica says:


Julie Hastings says:

I think it’s dumb to let someone else’s beliefs in the way of love. I’m a
atheist and if I fell in love with a boy that’s religious, I wouldn’t care.
Religion is personal and shouldn’t get in the way of love.

Hannah Rivera says:

Oh god no 😂 I wouldn’t want that for u 😂 +Julie Hastings​

Ashleigh Cole says:

When it is a little bit different if you strongly believe in something and
your partner is saying “oh! You shouldn’t believe in that, that’s
horrible!” (I’m not saying that, that is what Chelsea’s boyfriends were
saying I don’t know what they said) but I’m just stating something and this
could of been the reasoning of her saying that.

Ashleigh Cole says:

And just so you know that comment was not hate towards you or anything (all
love) 😊 I was just saying my opinion on it just as you did.

Christina boyko says:

I don’t think someone with a true religion would ever marry someone that
doesnt believe in anything…. If there were no religion, there would be no

Chris B says:

+Julie Hastings you’re very wrong. Religion is not there to get in the way
of love, it is there to bring together love. if you’re atheist you probs
don’t care but she does so just let her be. And i think it is dumb to say
that when you don’t completely understand her point. She isn’t judging
people on their religion or lifestyle. She wants a guy who will help her
become a better person through God and there is nothing wrong with that

BlueRaspberryCharms says:

Loved this video so much! I can relate on so many levels :)

BlueRaspberryCharms says:

Having the same morals and beliefs is extremely important

Eva Mazu says:

I never had a boyfriend and I’m almost 18. I kinda want one but at the same
time I’m okay with it!😄

Nicole Pada says:

No bf since birth! YAY!! 😀

BalletDancer17 says:

I’m 18 and I’ve never had a guy so much as look at me in that way before, I
only kissed one guy and I’m pretty sure he didn’t even want to. So don’t
feel bad…… 🙁 #foreversingle

Scarlet Wilson says:

Be happy in your singleness!

Naomi Sitney says:

+Eva Mazu Me too!!

Carly Johnson says:


Xx.Mercedes.xX says:


Gaby 02 says:

as soon as i heard that u r Christian, and that faith is very important to
you I subscribeedd
Its so hard to find someone like u! 💕

Gaby 02 says:

sorry about my bad english 😛

Jen Mussmon says:

Thanku for the advice Chelsea cuz I’m a Christain and I go to a Christian
school but a lot of bad stuff happens there a kid came do school when he
was high other kids do drugs some have done some inappropriate things at a
school all nighter and it is really separating me from God and it’s really

Chelsea Crockett says:

+Jen Mussmon always stay true to yourself Jen<3

Morgan Donnivan says:

Yay! New Subbie!!👍🏽

Chelsea Crockett says:

+Morgan Donnivan YOU DA BOMB MORGAN

Morgan Donnivan says:


Livv Davies says:

Im 13 and i really dont understand religion, i kinda wanna know how he
talks to people and how u know its god xx

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