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July 13, 2016 - Comment

Christian Mingle, the popular Christian dating website, employs standup comedian John Crist to approve or reject applicants to their website. Note: This video is a joke.

Christian Mingle, the popular Christian dating website, employs standup comedian John Crist to approve or reject applicants to their website. Note: This video is a joke.


SilentOwl 12 says:

LOL XD XD litterally every Christian parent ever..

SilentOwl 12 says:

LOVED the Obama joke!!!

Ray Stantz says:

+Eileen Mizzell yes haha


Yes it was funny, so was the song he shouldn’t know!!!

David Winegar says:

So Funny!!! “Switchfoot?” “Switchfoot.” LOL!!!

Adler Davidson says:

“Is that safe for the whole family? Didn’t think so.” Brilliant. Wonderful

Grant Garner says:

“Don’t even both reapplying until you get rid of those yoga pants, get some
Donald Miller books, and a letter from a Compassion child on that fridge.”

hatsonme says:

haha in the past 5 years I know many churches that changed their names to
Gateway, Crosspoint, Mosaic, Greenhouse, and Shift.

Ethan Decker says:

There should have been a “sloppy wet kiss” vs “unforeseen kiss” question

Danielle Hall says:

+Ethan Decker Hahaha yesss

52 Studios says:

I was waiting for it!!!

fishwithtrish says:

love the catholic candle part lol

Juli M says:

“Letter from a Compassion child up on that fridge” – Im done lol xD

FarAwayDistance says:

This was golden.

knifebladepresents says:

Somebody should make a printout copy of the test so you can prank first

Zelix B says:

Can’t be too Catholic-ee ;)

Benihana Kitty says:

Adele=Lauren Daigle

Ian says:

I love your videos. They have humor that every Christian can relate to.

daria ZAG says:

That was awesome! Yoga pants are so trashy.

Portsmouth School of Education says:


Falloutfan 88 says:

2:32 what?? How is something too Catholicky for Christian mingle? Lol I
know it’s a satire but it doesent even make sense.

83croissant says:

I didn’t think you said Catholics weren’t Christians. I was addressing the
statement “Typically Christians are more of the
evangelical/non-denominational type” which is uncategorically a false
statement, as most Christians are Catholics. It would have been clearer
what you meant had you said, “Typically most American Christians are…” or
“Typically the type to use Christian Mingle are…”
I would call the type of Christian culture this comedian falls under
“born-again” or “neo-evangelical”. Perhaps that is innacurate, but
theolgically and politically that seems to be what he falls under. Decide
on a term to call yourselves, anyway, because “Christian” is too broad.
From inside your group, it seems like this is what “Christian Culture” is,
but from the outside, it is one of many Christian Cultures. It is certainly
a large and vocal one, but there are others. You can’t assume everyone
speaks your language

83croissant says:

+DaGerminator Sorry, I had assumed you were of this culture, based on
something you said. I’ve read about this stuff a bit for research but it’s
easy to get lost explaining it. Defining it as being mostly
non-denominational churches is not a complete description, because there
are some denominations that fall under this as well. Baptists are mentioned
in the video, but this doesn’t mean ALL Baptists would be like this, it
depends on the type of Baptist (there are denominations within
denominations because of many schisms over theological disagreements) or
even the individual congregation, as some Baptist churches are independent
and make their own rules. “Evangelical” in itself, is not a denomination,
per se, a denomination is something like “Foursquare” or “United Methodist
Church” or “Evangelical Presbyterian Church”. Denominations are groups of
associated congregations that share the same name and traditions and
liturgy, etc. “Evangelical” is more like…a denominational family, or
branch, or descriptor. It also used to mean something else than it usually
means now. In Europe it just means literally “protestant”, and that’s also
what it means in some of the older American protestant denominations with
German associations, like the Evangelical Lutheran Church In America, which
is not the type of church to get hung up on women wearing yoga pants or to
vote republican, they actually lean a bit to the left, or rather the
middle, but compared to what the rest of American Christians are now, it’s
considered “liberal”.
But what most Evangelical-type churches are associated with these days is
American-style Evangelicalism, a branch of Puritanism that emphasises a
“personal relationship” with jesus and often a narrative of being “saved”
or “born again”, specifically as an adult. It’s not enough to be baptised
in the faith, one must have a life-changing moment where one accepts Jesus
into one’s heart, a “Road to Damascus” moment. Often these churches will
have people give testimonies about how they were saved and have an “altar
call” during service where people are encouraged to come down to the front
and be prayed on, (but that may be a more charismatic tradition thing, like
Pentecostal, IDK). The phrase “born anew in Christ” is in the Bible and so
is part of all Christian denominations, it’s just that some denominations
place a special emphasis on this.
I have no idea to what degree you are familiar with religion so I don’t
know if any of this makes sense? I myself should not even be here, I think
I got here from a Buzzfeed video with this guy in it. I was raised
Presbyterian , official denomination : Presbyterian Church(U.S.A.) or
PCUSA., established in 1983 when two Presbyterian denominations decided to
merge. I’m an atheist now.

83croissant says:

+DaGerminator yeah that’s what I had assumed at first, but then it seemed
odd that you didn’t know very much about Christianity so I second-guessed
myself. But if you practice a religion by definition you are religious…it
may have negative connotations to you but it’s just a word, really. Own it.
I’ve heard people tell me “Jesus came not to establish religion, but to
tear it apart!!!” “Jesus was a revolutionary!” , etc, which is true I
guess, but also, Jesus came to establish a religion, make no bones about
it. He claimed to be the son of god, it’s not ambigious, he made religious
Christians didn’t used to involved in politics as much as they do now,
republicans and democrats and etc would go to the same churches. The church
leaders used to stay out of politics, as it’s a dirty business, and “of the
world”. Leaders like Pat Robertson were the ones who took evangelical
Christianity and highjacked it for political purposes. It started as a
reaction to all the cultural change in the 60’s–civil rights, women’s
rights, etc. From time to time there are cultural change and conservatives
start stirring up “let’s take our country back!” sort of sentiment. At
first they were trying to harness the conservative white evangelical voters
to try and stop integration of schools. That didn’t work out.Then they
moved on to focusing on the evils of the sexual revolution, which is why
there is a lot of focus to this day on homosexuality and abortion in
conservative churches. The republicans know that they can get loads of
voters on their side if they lean on those hot-button topics, even if the
rest of their policies on say, capital punishment, caring for the poor
widows and orphans and refugees, etc, are anything but “Christian”. There
are some great books about this, I think I read about it first in American
Fascists by Chris Hedges. But I don’t think Pat Robertson has as much of an
influence on the Christian Right anymore, it’s more like Joel Osteen or
that Mars Hill guy or people like that. I don’t think TBN is as big a deal
anymore, and the Left Behind dudes are pretty much an embarrassment from
what I’ve heard. They were probably influenced by the book ‘The Late Great
Planet Earth'(1970), which popularized the idea of “The Rapture” and that
was influenced by the earlier writings of John Nelson Darby who came up
with “dispensational premillenialism” in the 1830s. And yeah basically the
concept of a rapture is not even 200 years old and isn’t anywhere in the
bible, not all evangelicals would agree with it.

TheTrident20 says:

HEY! that’s Aaron Chewning

Moviefan2k4 says:

I actually have an account on Christian Mingle, but things haven’t really
gone anywhere. I’ve been at it 3 months or so, sending messages to maybe 40
different women. I’ve had maybe 3 responses, all of which were a kind “no
thanks” type of deal. Its frustrating, actually; I even had one of their
reps call me on the phone to do a survey.

radicalindependent says:

I can relate and to make matters worse they don’t prorate your
subscription, I canceled it early and they still charge for the time not
used. Nothing like being “nickel and dimed” by a Christian website.

Josh Langner says:

“you don’t know if it’s a church or a Banana Republic!” Done now!

Thelilantjr says:


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