Christian Dating Advice – Why You’re Single – Chelsea Crockett

July 13, 2016 - Comment

If you are single and have no clue why no guys or girls are coming your way, then maybe this video will give you the right advice to become taken! In the least you could be ready for any dating opportunities that come your way! Subscribe so you don't miss another one of Chelsea's videos

If you are single and have no clue why no guys or girls are coming your way, then maybe this video will give you the right advice to become taken! In the least you could be ready for any dating opportunities that come your way!
Subscribe so you don't miss another one of Chelsea's videos at

Being single is amazing and just as great as being taken, but let's face it… we all desire relationships. I hope this video helped you!

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Chloe says:

love all your vids 🙂 do another night/morning one please :)

Alisha Charleston says:

+SprinkleOf Chelsea can i

Christina Ann says:

it’s my birthday

Natalie Michelle Aguayo says:

+Christina Ann HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!🎁🎉🎆

Natalie Michelle Aguayo says:

+Christina Ann HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!🎁🎉🎆

Natalie Michelle Aguayo says:

+Christina Ann HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!🎁🎉🎆

nostalgia ultra says:

I’m 16 and I’ve never been in a relationship and it’s awkward and for some
reason it’s hard for me to form relationships with guys and I seriously
feel like I try hard but no one ever seems interested in me. I want a
boyfriend now because I feel kind of pressured and I want a relationship
but it seriously doesn’t seem possible!

Wilde At Heart says:

Same! I kinda want a boyfriend but I want to be careful because I don’t
want to just go through guys, you know? But would really love to experience
a relationship other thanks friendship

BGLuver97 says:

+Justjojoxxx imagine that same scenario when you’re 18

Bri Marie says:

The right guy will come along at the right time

Natasha Lycette says:

Legit I’m in the exact same position, don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll find
someone like-minded soon, just remember to be open to everyone 🙂

Lilly Kim says:

I’m in the exact same situation! literally..

Alexis Powderface says:

hiiiii….can someone notice me???

on fleak Sage says:


Kayla Layton says:


Stacy Ferrie says:

+Kayla Layton hey dear

Love, Lalli says:

Hey hey x

MsGryffindebeoure says:

Im single because i love food more

GlitterMustache64 says:

OMG ilysm I told my ex that “we broke up because I like food more than you”

MsGryffindebeoure says:

+GlitterMustache64 omg that’s so sad but so funny at the same time

GlitterMustache64 says:

+Gryffindebeoure its not sad because i hated him and i have an amazing bf

MsGryffindebeoure says:

+GlitterMustache64 wow congrats jealous cause i still have food by my side
rigt now

Renée Reid says:

Me. Lol


im single i have social anxiety I HATE TALKING TO PEOPLE THAT I DONT KNOW.

Iloveshorsez says:

+HeyItsJasmine ! Same

Madison ♡ says:

Exactly, same here 🙁

Osnapitzjax says:

+HeyItsJasmine Same 🙁

Iva P. says:

Same here. l’ve never had a boyfriend and I’m 18 🙁

BeautyBlushinBlondie says:

+HeyItsJasmine ! same!

Diana Tavares says:

I would like a boyfriend but at the same time I wouldn’t .. Ya feel me? 😂

Caitlin Tavares says:

Sometimes I feel the same way too

Candyheart says:

+Diana Tavares I feel youuu all the time I’m like I want bae goals but then
I see people dating and I think about how hard boys are and people I’m just
like nope single it is XD

HollyJadeBeauty says:

Feel you. My reason is I want someone to cheer me up when I’m sad and to
stand up for me and protect me. I want a boy walking with me holding my
hand saying he will never let me get hurt. But I don’t want any boy, I want
the right one and not a popular boy unless he’s not known for doing stupid
things and is known for being nice and loyal. Let’s face it most popular
boys are only popular because they do stupid things and misbehave in class.

BrieeAugust says:

I’m pretty sure I’m single because Netlfix isn’t a real person :P

BrieeAugust says:

+Simplybriee When are you starting your christmas video series!? I already
started mine 😀

Teagan Litten says:

+Simplybriee would you want to collab? ❤️

Madison Castro says:

I am single cause I am to young 😹

Madison Castro says:

+Kayla Layton 😂😂😂

heyevelina says:

I got my first boyfriend when I was 4 or 5 hahah

•Kylie 247• says:

+heyevelina me 2

Mandy 45 says:

+HeyIts Steph Same

jenna cushing says:

I’m single because people around me are already in relationships and
everybody has trust issues and everything oh and I love Netflix and food

jenna cushing says:

for real

Aitana Esquivel says:

Same same same 🌚

jenna cushing says:

exactly though

GlitterMustache64 says:

Did we just become best friends?

jenna cushing says:

I think we did

Tianna Brown says:

Its no bae November

Tianna Brown says:

+emmagineek yes! 😂

Montana Jacobson says:


Grace Y says:

I wish it was no school November instead

Jocelyn E says:

No life november and netflix november

Katie Harrison says:

i’m single because no boys like me lol fml

Anthony Sykes says:


Tun says:

The boys asian so good !! -why they r don’t like boys asian ?? look me
Handsome and good i can make everythings for someone felt happy

cheseey reesey says:

me too tho

Supernatural is life says:

me 😂😂

Britt says:


Marisol says:

well my best friend (crush) asked me out today so :D

Noam Amit says:

I always thought this is happening just in movies 😂😉 (just kidding but ya)

Leonor Pereira says:


Sonia Chen says:

Aww good for you!! #foreveralone 😂😭😂😅

Marisol says:

Thank you guys 🙂

Katie Dominie says:

I’m single because I look like a POTATO

KS Towler says:

But potatoes are beautiful on the inside💜👏

Emily Arsneau says:

I’m single because I am a potato.

Vizzardbbark says:

+Macy McMinecraft noooo you look like a PANDA because of your profile pic 😱

Macy Jaynes says:

umm… thats my friend…

Anthony Sykes says:

potatoes are cute 😉

Acro Shayla says:

I’m in a relationship ……. With food !

Betzabeth Rosas says:

Ayye hes mine

itsChicaaa says:

+Betzabeth Rosas back off 😛

jennifer o I - / says:

Is there a cucumber going up your……idek if you are guy or a girl….oml

Kadi Maclaine says:


kaela fisher says:

(off the point of the video lol) Where’s your shirt from?

Angelica Renee says:

This is my favorite comment hahaha

Geyonna More says:

I wanna know too!

lifewithmegan says:

Aeropostale I believe

Kathy Granados says:

Please Chelsea do this type of videos! They help me xx

Kathy Granados says:

You are like the big sister I never had

Amanda G. says:

I’m single and I told my crush that I liked him, he told me he would like
me if I changed; started spending more time on my hair, shave my arm hair,
wear more concealer to hide my very little acne and to start wearing more
girly clothes. I told him nevermind. I only wear clothes I feel comfortable
in, like a tee shirt and pants, sweater and leggings. I don’t dress to
impress (but I do impress myself). Please only like someone who likes you
for you. Someone who isn’t trying to change you.

mia almazan says:

Role model 💯

Airika Gales says:

was ur crush Nash Grier

Amanda G. says:

+Airika Gales ugh I wish. but my “boyfriend” is Hayes 😁

Mously Dowdow says:

Self-love goals af ❤️❤️❤️

Maria 5SOS卌 says:

Role model!😍

makeitshinebright says:

I’m single because I’m shy af and ugly af and insecure af

makeitshinebright says:

+Briannna Nicholee thanks you are too!

Lauren Pooley says:

+makeitshinebright This is me.

Guadalupe Soto says:

Girl same

Mollie Cantrell says:


Maggie Jones says:

+Alyssa Borth exactly. thank you. some people just don’t understand that

Mikera B says:

Let the hurt go

username1nmillion says:

+Mikera B +Life is good, make it better Sometimes it’s not that easy.

Taylor Davis says:


Chelsea Crockett says:

+Taylor Davis SO confusing, right?! ugh

Jared Orr says:

+Chelsea Crockett hi can we talk

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