Christian Dating Advice – Should I Have Sex Before Marriage? – Chelsea Crockett

July 13, 2016 - Comment

  Sex before marriage… It's a highly controversial topic. But I have a simple belief of it. What if we are asking the wrong questions? Subscribe so you don't miss another one of Chelsea's videos at If you want another look at this topic from another Christian standpoint check out Jeff's video! ◕‿◕ FOLLOW ME


Sex before marriage… It's a highly controversial topic. But I have a simple belief of it. What if we are asking the wrong questions?

Subscribe so you don't miss another one of Chelsea's videos at

If you want another look at this topic from another Christian standpoint check out Jeff's video!

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Myles Banks says:

Do you believe everything in the bible Chelsea?

Madi Breen says:

+Jada C. Ah, silly. Those things are in the OLD Testament. When Jesus came,
he abolished the law of the old testament. therefor; the laws that the
Israelites would have been following are not meant for Christians to follow.

Kailee Brooke says:

+Natalie Rowell TRUUUUUU

Kailee Brooke says:

+Brianna Ross like what?

Kailee Brooke says:

+blahblahblah1234 God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Old
Testament Law that you’re talking about was broken when Jesus died on the
cross and was raised three days later. But everything in it DOES apply to
today’s age! It’s alive and is the word of God. Nothing in it is useless 🙂

Sandra E says:

I recommend a lot reading about “Theology of the body” by Pope John Paul II
*even if youre not catholic. It makes me and my christian friends realize
the mistery of sex and why we must treasure it even when we are with ‘the
one’. 😉💏📖

Shahana's World says:

My last name is pope

Ginger Perez says:

Yes! Totally! I recommend as well! (Even if you’re not Catholic, it gives
great insight on sexuality and such!)

Kayla Kirshner says:

+Sandra E Yeah i recommend it as well or the five love langauge book that
he has!

Jane Madison says:

The pope is not real. Ask Jesus

Renpics says:

Lol give it time, it’ll all change when she goes to college

adriana gutierrez says:

+Savannah Lewie 💕💕💯👌

mystery 17 says:

+Savannah Lewie awesome😍😍😍

supreme ky says:

She’s going to CBU. And I believe her morals and relationship with God will
be very strong in college. She’s a great person. She stays true to her word.

mystery 17 says:

+Lucy Ren 😎😎❤

Kailee Brooke says:

Not if you’re strong in your relationship with God. He gives us strength
when we’re weak 🙂 I have faith in her and that she won’t give in.

Melody E says:

Im a Catholic and I believe a Catholic and a Christian have the same
beliefs. Honestly, I think it is ok to have sex before marriage. If you
love someone so much, kissing and holding hands aren’t enough. You wouldn’t
be able to resist it when you’re in a private room with that person either.
Plus it is true that people get divorced because they are not satisfied in
bed. We have the same beliefs, we believe in the same person, you are
stating your opinions, so am I. Im not saying that your opinion is wrong or

Chai Moreo says:

+Lovely26 Forever​​ Excuse me but are you actually Christian?
Calling me close minded without knowing me and because I believe in God is
just as ridiculous.
I’m very open minded, I wasn’t religious since I was born, just to let you
know and I had enough experiences to be able to say what’s wrong based on
MY opinion, got that?
You don’t believe in the Bible?
Fine but I do, if you’ve got an issue with that, I don’t care. 🙂

Walkers Sent says:

Catholicism beliefs are based on man made traditions. The teachings of the
Roman Catholic Church are not biblical. There is a bunch of things in which
Catholics do that the bible scripture condemns and this is praying to mary
, praying to statues , confessing your sins to a priest , praying the
rosary , praying to saints and to the dead – all non biblical matters. In
fact the Vatican of Rome created the existence of purgatory in order for
the churches to make money by making masses for the dead, the word
purgatory is not even mentioned in the bible. Regarding sex before marriage
Jesus said that the sexual immoral cannot inherit the kingdom of heaven. 2
Corinthians lists fornication as a sin which is sex before marriage.

Jane Madison says:

If you don’t have the right Jesus, then the 99% that seems to same, don’t
matter. Get out of the cult, who cares about the Pope, he is just a man,
stop praying of you beads, stop your idolators action towards saints and
Mary. You are on your way to hell. Jesus Christ is the only why to God

Maddie Starr says:

+Walkers Sent Catholics don’t pray to anyone but God.

Maggy Hovden says:

Lmao Catholicism is literally a branch/denomination of Christianity. They
aren’t completely different

Weird is NORMAL says:

self harming is what your next vid should be on

Katherine tietz says:

+Brittle Jewels thank you so mu ch

♡lexyheartsbeauty♡ says:

yes so true!!

Alex Cox says:

Yes please do a video on self harming Chelsea 😔❤️❤️

Lindsay Grace says:


Joyce Park says:

hey Chelsea! u should do a video on diys

Joyce Park says:

or what to do when ur bored. or a clothes haul!

Zoe McCoy says:

UGH I love you Chelsea!

Jane Madison says:

Love Jesus more. She can’t save you

Zoe McCoy says:

+Jane Madison i hope thats a joke,because, well, its speak for itself

Aztlan Marduk says:

you have had sex many times, you can’t lie about this.

Jane Madison says:

Anyone who repent ps and turns to Jesus Christ is forgiven of all sins.
Only Jesus Christ can change you. She doesn’t need to be right with you,
just the Lord. Repent and trust in Jesus

caden Tolle says:

I have not found a descent Christian youtuber but i sure have now!

Electro Joe says:

I am overwhelmed and thankful for you and this video. I am a Christian and
its been hard trying to display that on my YouTube channel other than not
cursing with it feeling forced but you just went head on with it and does
that impact me.

Chelsea Crockett says:

stay true to yourself and do what feels right 💛

Eshal Mirza says:

+Chelsea Crockett OMG U R THE BEST

Trinity Fuller says:

A-freakin-men y’all. God bless

Alissa A says:

how do you feel about hooking up at college parties? not sex but just
making out. please help i’m going to college soon and i really need to
know!!! god is so important to me. he is the most important relationship in
my life.

DiamondRose17 says:

I think that you should talk to God about that, ask Him and study the
Bible, I do believe that even kissing should he done with someone that you
intend to marry or have a serious relationship with, and it can easily lead
to sex, so you have to be extremely careful, but in my opinion not making
out at all is the safest choice, because it can lead to things that you
don’t want. But pray and study the Bible. 🙂

Eshal Mirza says:

my religion can’t have u know….

periodhelp uk1236 says:

which one????

Lucy U says:

How old is she?

Lizzy Johnson says:

I basically agree with everything except “we are meant to end up with
someone” I just don’t think thats true you don’t need another person or sex
to live a full life

Maya Clarkson-Wheater says:

how old is she?xxx

holly erin says:

social media is destroying the minds of the youth and is practically
forcing them to have sex before marriage so thanks for this because I
totally agree :)

İrmak Tuncbilek says:

What if you divorce

Mommy And Baby Infamous says:

I wish this video had of been on YouTube when I was a little younger. I’m
now 22 in a relationship with a child because I never realized any of this.
Thank you for sharing this video!

Savannah James says:

I could not have said this any better. I love your channel and your
boldness in the faith that you have and show so brightly to all of your
viewers. It is so encouraging to me as a Christian. 💗

Daniella Estrella says:

having a babies and why do you want to have a babies or why do you don’t
want to have babies

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