Christian Dating Advice – Do’s and Don’ts on a First Date! – Chelsea Crockett

July 13, 2016 - Comment

Here's a video about what I've learned Not to do on a first date, or even first couple few dates! If you have any other tips for this subject leave them below! Subscribe so you don't miss another one of Chelsea's videos at LATEST VIDEO: ◕‿◕ FOLLOW ME ◕‿◕ WEBSITE – VLOG – TWITTER –

Here's a video about what I've learned Not to do on a first date, or even first couple few dates! If you have any other tips for this subject leave them below!
Subscribe so you don't miss another one of Chelsea's videos at


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hiheidz says:


hiheidz says:

+Amy E. thank you Amy!!

hiheidz says:

+hannahlouise 03 thank you ily!! <3

Imogen Kelly says:

+hiheidz mate you have over 8′ 000 subscribers….. not 301 stop trying to
get more subbies,,,,,,,, does it make it worse to say I SUBCRIBED TO YOU
ALSO hahaha xx

Adela says:


Crazy Kat says:

+Adela join at least for now

eloise costa says:


Angel of Darkness says:

forever😢Me 😭

socksumi says:

+Adela There is no reason to be alone. The greatest thing I have learned is
that if you genuinely love others you will be loved in return. Life doesn’t
get better than that.

lushieforlife says:

everyone else has a boyfriend and then there’s me :))))))

Skyla DoesStuff says:

I’m single too. Well I used to have a BF, but we spilt BC ppls judgement
They said we were a bad couple. 😑

Elizabeth Read says:

And me!🙋🏼

osofabulexo says:

And me

RainbowAnimator says:

Skyla DoesStuff, you guys broke up because of people’s opinions? You
shouldn’t care about what others think of you. Think about why you guys
were brought together, think about why the people think about you guys that
way. Don’t let others break your strong bond. And if people still don’t
like you for this, well, that just means your unique. 😊

MsAshlynn2 says:

Single as a Pringle 

Vic's DIY says:

Ashlyn I watch you on Seven Fabulous Teens

lifewithsicilia says:


Stephanie Harris says:

I luv u ashlynn

Dálete Morais says:

Same, but what’s worth having is worth waiting for, right? And it’s not so
bad being single because it’s a time where you can be happy with just
yourself and not depend on someone elsd for it and you can get to know

Lorena Jones says:

+MsAshlynn2 //New Method To Make ANY Woman Wanna Date YOU? (video!) What if
there was a method that let you pick any woman you wanted to approach you,
practically begging for a first date?

Would you want to learn that exact method, right now?=> …>>

Victoria Payne says:

Is it just me that where I go to school, people don’t go on dates. They
just have a thing and then are in a relationship?? I hate it so much but
please tell me this isn’t just my region.

Gabi Bryant says:

omg yes it’s exactly the same in my school, I hate it too! but I think it’s
just a high school thing hopefully hahaha

Victoria Payne says:

+Gabi Bryant hopefully cuz I really want to go on cute dinner and movie
dates like the movies 🙂

lycrisha haynes says:

YES! Same for my school. I sat there thinking like “aren’t you supposed to
date first then make it offical….” It’s weird

Dianne Quinn says:

+Victoria Payne I Totally agree… they would be the cutest things EVER!

Faith AG says:


Lauren and Emma says:

I need to find a boy fist 😂 this is going to be hard!! Lol

Anna Bakalarczyk says:

+Steffi W. Yeah a boy fist😂but amen gurl amen

Livinwith Ava says:

Lol…. I just got a boyfriend. I’ve been a single Pringle for four years

Genevieve Payne says:

+Lauren and Emma LoL for me it was easy

Flqjxk Xmdmdm says:

my fist is strong as cement

trinity jones says:

I was thinking about telling my crush I like him today but couldn’t bring
myself to it. Any tips?

Libbyxxx says:

I Know how u feel because I really wanna tell my crush but I can’t because
I to scared

Sanja Bozickovic says:

Become friends with him first it’ll make it easier

Sanja Bozickovic says:

+ClaudeMonster08 I saw what you did there #nikeforlife

Manon says:

+Trinity Jones write it in a note:)

dj binladen says:

Girl as they say. Work it. Twerk it

Mariam says:

Oh my, your tan is gorgeous Chels!!!

Crystal says:

Agreed ! 🙂

Mandy 45 says:

She is always gorgeous

Naomi Nicole says:

all the single ladies…
…..all the single ladies
put your hands up (0_0)

Yatoing Otaku says:


Angel of Darkness says:


Sophia smith says:

✋🏻😫 meh

Jojo S says:


Chelsea Crockett says:

Who is going to BeautyCon LA this week? I will be there and I want to meet
ALL OF YOU! I will be at the Barbie Booth.

Amanda Formisano says:

+Linda R. Brann
I agree

Rosa Moseley says:

+BeautyLiciousInsider *>>If you’re still single, you need to see this,
right now:— >>**** Mind blowing
secret lets you have any woman you want>>*

Amanda Rutkowski says:

Where is she from?

Sophia Galbraith says:

this was so adorable!

Chelsea Crockett says:

Glad you liked!!

Sophia Galbraith says:

thank you so much for replying😭 i love you so much❤️😻

Chelsea Crockett says:

+Sophia Galbraith Love ya too Sophia! Hope you have a great summer!

Sophia Galbraith says:

you too!!!

Gaurav Sharma says:

worth watching , good one

Chelsea Crockett says:

+Gaurav Sharma thanks!!

Abbie Miles says:

My boyfriend just dumped me and he keeps annoying me .

Chelsea Crockett says:

+Abbie Miles try to distract your mind by hanging out with friends and

Colby Olschewske says:

4:10 that’s really refuckti- refluckting who you are…

Francisco Jumpstyle says:

Asking relationship advice to a girl is like asking a fish how to fish

NaoMimi says:

Thank you Chelsie! <3

Zenon Pyro says:

Ok so I just asked out a girl that I have had a crush on for a year and I
just asked her out last night and now we have a date in a few days. I
honestly didn’t expect to actually have her accept and I instinctually went
with movies. I’ve only been in a few awkward relationships and I don’t know
how to really read if she flirts or invites an interaction. Plus we’re both
nerds and nerd flirting is almost impossible to tell. How will I know if
she wants me to kiss her? Should I even think about that? Should I have let
her choose the movie regardless that I said it was me treating her to a
movie? Was it good to give her a say in the date?

Zenon Pyro says:

I’m sorry if my sentences just sound stupid but I’m so nervous and excited
I can barely contain myself.

Megan Holly says:

Is dat club penguin music in da back

Amy Lovelock says:

btw you posted this on my birthday last year!!❤

huntrock COC says:

i watched this cause i was bored but it cracked me up. g’ad i found this
vid. good luck with the channel Chelsea :)

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