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All inclusive, Scripturaly based crash course on Christian dating. No opinions! Just Scriptures! Don't get burned. From how to prepare, to how to find 'the One', avoid conflicts, extra tips and more! – Christian Dating – Many relationship fall apart because many don't know the basics. This video captures some of the basics and hopefully

All inclusive, Scripturaly based crash course on Christian dating. No opinions! Just Scriptures! Don't get burned. From how to prepare, to how to find 'the One', avoid conflicts, extra tips and more!

– Christian Dating – Many relationship fall apart because many don't know the basics. This video captures some of the basics and hopefully prevents hurt, pain, and permanent damages. Hosea 4:6 says, "For my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge."

The video includes:
Chp 1-What you need to know before getting into a Relationship
Chp 2-How to get Purely the Best
Chp 3-How to enjoy Sex to the Fullest
Chp 4-What's my Role?
Chp 5-How to find the 'One'
Chp 6-Extra Tips

Christian Dating knowledge is not just for believers but for all humans, for we are created by God and God has given the information for us all. God wants our lives, marriage, love, heart to be full of joy and bliss. So let's see what the Creator has designed for us.

"A respectful man/woman knows that the person does NOT belong to them until they are married." The option to leave is respect for the individual.

Enjoy and God bless.

PS. For me and my wife, waiting for marriage was worth it. Thanks to God's advice.

My Story:
After graduating college, I was single. I felt lonely and I desired to have someone to call my own. I didn't want just a physical partner but one I can relate to emotionally, spiritually, mentally, academically, socially, and more. Then talking to a good brother in Christ, he told me, "Don't pray that God will give you someone; Pray that you'll be good enough, when that someone comes."

So how do I become good enough? I remembered something I learned during a youth Bible study: Learn your Master, then your Mission, then you will learn your Mate. I did just that. I got to know God be reading through One-Year Bibles for a few years. I learned my mission (disciple making) through friends in the Navigators. Then having learned God's design for relationships, I learned how to be a good enough mate, as well as how to find a good mate.

Hence, through prayer and following God, I pray and even gave it up to God. I told God that "if it is meant for me to stay single for the rest of my life, Lord I will consider and make myself ready." I gave up my desire and told God that I will let His desire be priority over mine. That's when my wife entered my life, 2 months after I had that alone talk with God. And the rest, is history.

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Isabelle M says:

Unfaithfulness is no ground for divorce !!

I sometimes Wonder if Christians can read !
The one and only ground Christ gave for divorce is the sexual immorality of
the WIFE . It means if she is a non virginal bride ,the husband can put her
away .
That is the ONLY ground for divorce .
Once a man is one flesh with a virgin no one has the right to separate them

God had given this perfect law on female virginity to Israel , in order to
build and civilize this people .
Our modern nations spit on virginity and more ,they encourage girls to
sleep around and have no vision of marriage and respect for men and
fatherhood anymore.
They act exactly like the morally declining Roman Empire Paul was living in.
Our Western civilisation does not control female sexuality anymore . It is
an évidence of its gradual depravity .

Like the blessed Israel who had the Lord to teach them right from wrong ,
the Christians who lived in the declining Roman Empire had to know these
things and teach hem around.

Thus it was urgent for aged women to teach Young women how to be dutiful
wives and devoted mothers in an empire where women had been emancipated and
were enclined to do what they pleased and felt like.
Hence the seven points of Titus 2:5 which are like seven weapons against
the feminist spirit that was already spoiling the women and wives of the
empire .
Unfortunately ,our moral climate is not better than the one back then and
no fault divorce has already been legalized as it was bound to be by the
end of the first century . Women in the empire had the right to divorce , a
right God had NEVER ever given to women at all.

As a result , marriage breakdown was rampant and gave way to all kinds of
sexual immorality . Christians had to learn how regular sex in marriage
(marital duty) should be a bulwark against sexual immorality.

Kevin Xavier says:

Very few people correctly understand that scripture the way you’ve
explained it.

Isabelle M says:

+Kevin Xavier
I thank you very much but it makes me quite sad since any Christian should
know the truth . I’m not anything special.

Kevin Xavier says:

+Isabelle M
Where did you learn about that scripture the way you do? I know I’ve
learned this from pastor G. Craig Lewis from EX Ministries. That was the
first time I heard about that teaching as well as another teaching about
the truth of tithing. I feel like I’m by myself on this island when I
agree with the way you’ve understood that scripture. It’s for a reason
that the scripture mentions the word “fornication” instead of “adultery”,
which are different by definition. The same happens when Jesus told us to
pray that God may not lead us to temptation vs scripture that states that
God does not tempt us.

Crabby Lobster says:

Christ said the mosaic law about divorce was actually not from God but just
written by moses to do deal with the people’s fickleness.

Isabelle M says:

+Kevin Xavier​
Sorry for my late answer .
Some time after my conversion at the age of 20 , a Christian woman told me
that mariage was for life and divorce something God hated . I was single
back then and her words still echo my heart .
She was a blessing for me and I still thank the Lord for her.
No long sermon or Bible study , just a little conversation with her where I
learnt the truth .

Sara.Without.The.H says:

Ahh this is so much work….like really. i don’t get why I can’t have a

Jesus Forgives says:

hence, the importance of planning and searching for someone to spend the
rest of your one and only life with.

Meiryousa says:

+Sara Williams Most men don’t want anything to do with women anymore. Not
seriously anymore. Just sex. It’s because feminism has made women too
masculine and too hostile. In terms of relationship dynamics… being with
a woman is like being with a man now. Most men don’t want that kind of

Benn Yisrael says:

Thank G-d I dont follow a religion & I have a lovely beautiful Girlfriend.

filip s says:

+Benn Y Stimson how do you know that Jesus died for your sins?
Jesus died 2000years ago

Mariah Clark says:

looooove this vid.

Edieson Escudo says:

I like this.

steve dareson says:

Asians adopt these kind of relationship.thats why asian has massive

Rebecca Gutierrez says:

Love it

Charlottee Duks says:

Wow…thank God for you..great video with truths..

Margret Sanz says:

This was really good.

An St says:

Master, Mission, Mate…. AMEN!

Ronald A. Mathis says:

God Bless You, Overall this is a good message, relationships they are such
a light thing to the world but as Christians we must understand the value
of brothers and sisters in Christ as well as honoring God’s order of
relationship between man and woman!

Sola Ogunmefun says:

Wow! Very insightful!!! Thank you for sharing

Tyrone Kato says:

Gen 2:18 And the Lord God said, it is not good that the man should be
alone; I will make him a help meet for him.

Abusive Panleel EUW says:

From my own preference, It’s like you were a dog tied to his kennel, the
more you want to be christian, the shorter tie will be around your neck and
the less options you will have.

It’s been now 5 months since I met my girlfriend, and she is very
religious, since that time I was studying christianity and I can tell that
I have gained vast aversion against it, She is a beautiful girl, we have
same hobbies, just like we were copies of each other just with one
difference, and that’s religion.

It’s not like I was atheist, I actually believe that God and Jesus exists,
however, I just see a God as a person, that wants all of us to suffer, to
get closer with Jesus, and then pray to him, literally just his toys (or
insert any other word) to give him praise, Jesus might have died for our
sins, but for what purpose? Because he loves us? I believe there could be
some other things out of context.

I just couldn’t imagine that everyday I will just pray pray and pray, and
talk about god, go to church every sunday to listen the same things over
and over..

Sorry but I see a Christian life just as a very limited life, that’s just
waiting for it’s end to enter heaven.

Just my opinions, didn’t want to offend you, have a nice day :)

Richard Bobot Aban says:

Thank you so much. So true.

solomon zerea says:


Alex Freij says:


Jonathan Ganesh says:

OK, help me understand this. I attend church regularly. I’m friendly
with everyone at church. But none of them church girls are interested in
me. Yet non-Christian girls are delighted by my presence and they
respect me for my Christian morals and integrity….So what do I do? I
mean, if I’m hoping to get a Christian wife, then at least Christian
girls shouldn’t be so stuck up. The truth is that Christian women, no
matter how HOLY they are, are not much different from non-believers.
They are looking for the “Christian BadBoy” type. The Christian hunk
poster boy – kinda like Justin Bieber minus the makeup and scandals.
Lol. They’re looking for the churchboy who’s badass in a holy way,
who’ll hit you on the head with his big King James Bible if he catches
you stealing holy communion wine. Haha! I mean, I get hit on by super
hot non-christian girls all the time, even a bisexual girl asked me out.
I have to obviously turn them all down because of my faith. What do I
do? I mean I even worked in a Christian missionary organization for 5
years, full time, with lots of eligible Christian women on staff. Yet
every one of them I asked out turned me down. If God isn’t prepared to
give me a Christian woman, despite the many years that I’ve prayed and
all the Christian pickup lines I’ve used in faith (LOL), why should I
bother. I might as well date a non-Christian girl. I mean, you gotta
work with what you’ve got, right?

Jonathan Ganesh says:

+Jesus Forgives You have a very kind heart buddy. But you’re an idealist.
The Bible is a good book and god seems to be a nice guy, sometimes. The
truth is, that God has favorites. he might like you and dislike me, for no
apparent reason. Why do you think two believers both with the same type of
cancer, one dies but the other lives. Like I said, I was in full time
Christian ministry for 5 years. I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly.
If a Christian girls sees two equally spiritually godly men, but one is
ugly(and kinder and sweeter) and the other is good looking. You’re telling
me she’s gonna take the ugly one? No! Christian women are no different from
heathen women. And evangelism is a distraction from reality. Example,
you’re choking and I have two options.1) I can pray for you 2) I perform
the Heimlich maneuver. What would you choose? 2 obviously.

Jonathan Ganesh says:

+Jesus Forgives oh, also there’s nothing wrong with a coach leaving his
team if they are butt lazy, in energetic. Which is a true description of
the church.

Jesus Forgives says:

+Jonathan Ganesh
Regarding a girl choosing the ugly over the less spiritual good looking
guy, of course a good character alone doesn’t create chemistry between two.
hence, evengalism actually opens more doors of opportunity by meeting more
people. the more you “fish” the better the chances you will come accross
the one you’ve been hoping for.
If you “fish” in other places, you can’t expect to find certain fish.

Evangelism is not just praying over people. Evangelism is serving people,
by doing the Heimlich maneuver, so that they can experience Christ’s love
through you. And yes the Bible talks about those who just pray over people
and do nothing. It says that their faith is “dead” because “faith without
works is dead.”

Ok, granted, a coach can leave a church, as i too have done so, but that
shouldn’t stop you from coaching another team.

Jonathan Ganesh says:

+Jesus Forgives As I’ve said before you have a good heart. But reality is
different. There is no difference between Christian and heathen girls.
Morals are universal irrespective of religion. That’s why you find
beautiful women who are of noble character no matter what religion they
follow. If you are saying that the Christian girl doesn’t choose the the
ugly guy because of looks even though he is so spiritually superior, then
how hypocritical is that – in Christian women!! Surely the spiritual aspect
of the man should supercede his looks and make any Christian girl fall for
him! Lol. Do you not see the error in your thinking? At least if heathen
women fall in love with a good looking guy and shuns the ugly guy, I would
understand her logic because she doesn’t profess to follow the tenets of
Christianity. Regarding evangelism, what is the purpose of praying for you
if I’m gonna perform the Heimlich maneuver anyway? Is the prayer a placebo?
Surely if prayer was effective on its own, it wouldn’t warrant the use of
external measures such as in this case: the Heimlich maneuver! Again, can
you not see the folly of this logic? Well, I have neither the time nor the
energy to waste on futile efforts. Countless times I’ve prayed to this god.
And I can tell you one thing he is very consistent at doing: and that is
NOT answering prayer. lol.

1omgitskara says:

Sounds to me like you don’t have a good church. Find a new church that is
more welcoming and genuine. Or like me you can start/join a bible study.
This way you are actually focusing on and learning the bible. Also maybe
you are just not ready to be courting girls for marriage. Simply wanting to
be in a relationship is not enough. There are plenty of good videos here
you can find on the matter. Personally i like Tim Conway and Paul Washer.
Hope that helps. =]

TheCrossOfJerusalem says:

I agree although I wish it wasn’t so hard to find a virgin to be a spouse

Joseph Dowling says:

I’m Autistic. No woman would ever want me. Not even a Christian woman. If I
saved my purity for my “future spouse”, it would be for nothing because
that spouse would never come along. Women hate disabled men because they
have nothing to offer them, and knowing that made me severely depressed
over the last two and a half years. How are we supposed to lead if we
cannot communicate or form relationships (the two only methods of

Metra Clarke says:

Stop doubting yourself! Keep praying it will happen. God knows you more
than you know yourself.

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